Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • westh1b
    04-11 11:05 PM
    Can any one please guide me that how to file complaint to DOL against his body shopper?

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  • camphor
    12-07 09:38 PM
    My wife and I are scheduled to go for fingerprinting this month. We have a year old son and obviously we are planning to take him with us as well. Do I need to take any form of ID / birth certificate of my son (obviously he is not to be fingerprinted) but not sure what the rules are with respect to carrying infants for the interview. Anyone who has fingerprinted in a similar situation?

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  • bigboy007
    08-24 10:45 PM
    This is a contract position to work in canada.This is normally through couple of vendors.

    My employer is a small consulting company,which don't have own projects.So they pay only when I get project with other consultancies companies and bill through them.
    You get work visa in canada then you need to be paid in canada..Work visa in canada has nothing to do with that of US status.

    If you are getting paid in usa ( it seems like) and planning on working in canada on visitor visa its not legal. This might be the reason.

    Your status in US has nothing to do with Working/Visiting/studying in Canada.

    If you have used AP you "Probably" not on H1 any more.. there are some contradicting statements of IV members on this before. But I have seen USCIS sending a notice for one of my friend where in which he was advised to use AP ( as he is considered being on AOS eventhough he has H1) in future.

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  • skmurthy
    05-28 02:55 PM
    Thanks for the reply aruben.

    One more clarification, once petition is converted to F1 and I get married after that what will happen to the petition. will it stay in F1 cateogory or converted to some other category or it will be revoked and I will have to do fresh start.

    Thanks very much again for you time and guidance.


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  • chris
    10-23 04:48 PM
    I also got an LUD, no idea what it means? May be RFE or Approval or nothing.

    You may see approval email soon

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  • franklin
    03-02 12:09 PM
    looks like there at least 3 ;)


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  • gopi544
    06-30 11:23 AM
    I want to know weather can I apply AP for my wife while she is in US post it to India if she has to go to India before it gets approved.

    As there is the situation my wife need to go to India in July and we applied for her AP last week, can I send it over to her once the AP is approved or dose she need to be present in US at the time of approval.

    Thanks for advice

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  • bsnf
    02-18 08:04 PM
    Does anyone know if I require a transit visa if traveling to India via Canada by Lufthansa.
    I have a AP, used to have a Canadian visit visa which expired in Dec 2010.

    I have traveled on AP via Dubai using United and did not have a issue.

    I am traveling next weekend, I will appreciate your reply.


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  • meridiani.planum
    05-13 04:52 PM

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  • veerkar
    06-18 10:17 PM
    i am a part-time mba student. will contribute a BIG sum once I get my EAD filed. The doc just charged me $400 per head for the health thing!


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  • waitin_toolong
    10-03 11:40 AM
    as soon as you get it.

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  • eb3retro
    11-04 07:21 PM
    my spouse AP was approved last friday also from NSC and we recd the document just yesterday.

    Last week friday my advance parole document from NSC was approved & sent , but we have not received the approved document yet.

    Does anyone know how long it will take to receive the AP document once it's approved? We have a travel plan sometime next week.



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  • minimalist
    08-03 02:30 PM
    Generally attorneys charge a retainer fee. What that means is they are willing to represent you regarding any issues with a case. Some services are covered with retainer fee and they may charge additional fee based on any extra work. For Example AC21 Retainer fee is around 750/- where they submit a G28. Then for any RFE they generally charge in the range of 250$.

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  • smartboy75
    11-01 05:13 PM
    Hey carbon

    You have to understand one thing...your AP/EAD are tied to your I-485 application ..which in turn is tied to your H1....If you quit now, you will risk abandoning of your GC...which means you loose AP/EAD....

    What I would do in your case is this....You said you filed on July 2..wait for 180 days....invoke AC21....tell your new employer that you want to spend 6 months in Inida...and the come back to US ....this way u don't loose your EAD/AP and also are able to stay in India....OFCOURSE all this is possible if your I-140 is approved....

    Hope this helps....All the best


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  • krishmunn
    12-25 10:56 AM
    The salary should be increased the day H1 kicks in. This should be the H1 start date mentioned in approved petition in case of COS
    Once you enter US with H1 status if it is not a COS

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  • xtronics
    03-02 12:18 PM
    My wife went to Chennai consulate for H4 visa when she is on OPT. Its been close to 5 weeks. They asked her to respond to some questionnaires (pink slip) and keep checking the case report status which is a pdf document being updated every Tue and Fri on . Since she is a PhD they need to do some background check on what kind of research and all that. The report still says "Pending processing". Th irony is, it says in the instructions that, if we contact them to find out the case status, it will take longer for them to make a decision.
    Any input is greatly appreciated.


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  • raysaikat
    03-03 01:28 AM
    As far as I know employer sponsorship is not required for EB-1 EA case; not sure why you had to file I-140 for this ...........

    EB-1 EA does not need labor certification, but still needs I-140.

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  • grimreaper
    07-23 12:40 PM
    I'm wondering if criminal charges that never lead to a conviction (3 charges in total) can cause a green card holder to get deported? Also, when a person applies to renew a green card after it expired will another FBI fingerprint check be done?

    Thanks for the help.

    If you were never convicted, you should not have any problems. Because remember, you are innocent until proven guilty ( which means conviction) and being charged is not an offense by itself. You might face some problems at POE because your finger prints might show up due to arrest record, but if you have court documents showing you were acquited or police documents showing that your charges were dropped, you should be OK.

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  • fasterthanlight�
    05-08 09:01 PM

    Took the words straight out of my keyboard, only i was going to type more w's than that.

    11-12 11:57 AM
    If you go for a permanent position, drug test & background checks are very common and also the process is very simple. Also it depends on the type of sector, for e.g if you go in medicare drug test is must, similarily if you go for financial majors, fingerprinting is common.

    If you are clean you shouldn't worry. Good luck and congrats for new job.


    11-22 02:35 PM
    Thank you very much for your response.

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