Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • donbosco
    09-05 10:06 AM
    i like the one with bill, but is it affordable ? :pir:

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  • noida123
    07-28 08:46 PM
    It Depends on the type of security clearance. What is the type of clearance you applied for in your Dept and what agency do you work for and what type of work?

    If you are in a very sensitive position which requires a secret clearance, even a GC will not alleviate the issue. Only a citizen can obtain such clearances (classified info.). On the other side, if it is background check like SF85P or NACI or SF86, normally you will be able to obtain one regardless of your immigration status. Worst case, for a clearance, you can try to obtain a Special Waiver from your Dept. I know this since I contracted for the Federal Govt on H1 got 10 yrs.


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  • mrana
    01-14 12:29 AM
    Mcom+MBA+Mphil +NET + 5 yrs exp as lecturer in Delhi.

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  • ravi98
    04-27 12:33 PM
    In Wake of Immigration Law, Calls for an Economic Boycott of Arizona - (

    La Opini�n, the nation�s largest Spanish-language newspaper, urged a boycott in an editorial Monday, as did the Rev. Al Sharpton, and calls for such action spread to social media sites. The San Francisco city attorney and members of the Board of Supervisors said they would propose that the city not do business with the state.

    They followed the lead of Representative Ra�l M. Grijalva, Democrat of Arizona, who had urged conventions to skip the state, though other Democrats who oppose the law, including Mayor Phil Gordon of Phoenix, pleaded for people not to punish the entire state.

    Tourism and convention managers, struggling to rebound from the recession, said it was too soon to tell if the effort would have an impact, but some businesses said people were turning away from the state.

    At the Arizona Inn in Tucson, the manager, Will Conroy, said that over the weekend 12 customers canceled reservations or said they would not return to the state because of the law.

    Tourism officials said such accounts were not widespread, but they were concerned that the rancor was tarnishing the state�s image and were mindful of the boycott in the 1980s that led to Arizona�s officially observing Martin Luther King�s Birthday after initially rejecting it as a holiday.


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  • anilsal
    10-16 06:17 PM
    320k make majority sitting and hatching.
    800k will make majority jumping and fighting.
    what is real number again??

    I am sure you have not updated your profile. Ha Ha!!!

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    07-23 05:53 PM
    My lawyer explicity told "NOT" to flipflop wven without me asking.

    Same here. My lawyer specified NO "flip top". Does it matter, I guess not.


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  • DaveMart
    February 7th, 2004, 06:22 AM
    Gene Bevins post.
    Astonishing if true, but it wouldn't be the first time that the first iteration of new technology like the LBCAST has not gone smoothly.
    I doubt it, as the only issue I am aware of is some concerns about noise, and that doesn't seem big enough to do a recall

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  • wandmaker
    01-10 10:30 AM
    Agree on 1 and 2. But it is (c) (9) FILED I-485 for #3. I applied recently with no problem. Include a copy I-485 receipt.

    you are correct for #3


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  • everonh1
    06-26 12:07 AM
    Hi All,
    I am planning to paper file my wife's EAD renewal and AP for both me and my wife.
    1. Can anyone who paper filed recently post information on filing EAD/AP
    2. Since my wife filed for I-485 last year and paid $1010 fees,she falls under FEE WAIVER for both EAD and AP-I believe she can renew EAD/AP unlimited till she gets GC?
    3. Can someone post what did they do additional for filing as FEE WAIVER?

    Any detailed steps on paper filing with FEE WAIVER would be great.

    Thanks in advance for your replies.


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  • AirWaterandGC
    06-07 09:49 AM
    so for employment based Gc, folks whose priority date is may 15, 2007 or later are in trouble OR folks whose I-140 is not filed before may 15, 2007 are in trouble ? Also what happens to someone who changes job, filed GC again has priority date/I-140 of a date earlier to may 15,2007

    this is related to family sponsored by citizens and green card holders.


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  • dreamgc_real
    07-02 09:25 AM
    Rest all states should pass similiar law............

    Is it for the strategy of getting all our members to take this law seriously when they are stopped by the cops and asked for papers? Unless something personally affects our members we are content in letting things happen around if such laws were passed in many other states, it would definitely jolt us to action!!!!!!

    Good thinking Nagamani!

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  • senocular
    10-27 08:42 PM
    Stop wasting your pixels!


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  • rkp27
    07-03 07:25 AM

    What is your priority date ?

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  • roseball
    10-10 11:15 AM
    I had a 10 AM appointment a couple of weeks ago and I went there at 9:30 AM and the waiting room was almost full.....But by 11 AM, there were very few people left and no new people coming in..So I was wondering they dont schedule appointments after 11 AM...Maybe they have appointments afternoon...So 11 AM should be a good time to go in....I am sure there will be a lot of people in the morning hours....


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  • hibworker
    01-24 03:51 PM

    I am currently on an H1-B (and also have a I140 approved) with company A. I accepted a job with company B, who started the process for my H1-B transfer by filing the LCA.

    My employment with company A ends 01/31, but company B has still not received the LCA approval. If they do not receive it before 01/31, will I be out of status until they file the H1B transfer? Do I need to leave the country?:confused:

    Technically, yes you will be out of status starting 02/01 until H1B petition from your new employer is received by USCIS. Yes you should leave the country as from Feb 1 you will start accumulating unauthorized presence which might adversely impact your Green Card and other future petitions including the pending H1-B.

    Practically if H1-B is filed within a week or so after 1/31 then it is up to you if you'll like to take a chance by staying in the country.

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  • senthil
    01-25 09:56 AM
    - usually they mention if they support visa type employees ( like H1B etc )
    - most fo the these jobs require jobs either GC / Citizenship

    check out the details how you apply for security clearance to see what are their minimum requirements. maybe you can get some valuable inputs there.


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  • GCwaitforever
    12-12 10:39 AM
    Concurrent H-1Bs have no quota restriction. You just have to mention hourly rate and number of hours per week for the second job.

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  • nc14
    08-13 02:57 PM
    I am from Cincinnati Ohio and would like to be a part of the effort.

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  • Rune
    June 20th, 2004, 10:27 AM
    Hmm... I'm not good at comments, so I'll do the obvious one and let the others handle the rest... :)

    In your third shot (the colour shot of a guy sitting), the hand is sharp and in focus, but the face is washed out, almost as if someone had used PS to severly soften it? What's that about? Is the hand really that much in front of the face, or is something else going on? (It looks like he is leaning forward, but I guess not enough)

    Inquiring minds want to know. :)

    10-05 01:32 PM
    I am currently working on campus, on one of the buildings, employee of the CSU system.

    05-20 07:45 PM

    My wife is US citizen and I am applying GC through her. We need to goto India for her sister's wedding on Aug 9th. How long does it take for AP to be approved? Can we expedite AP for wedding reason or should we do only for medical reason ? We live in California.

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