Saturday, July 16, 2011

Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova was born on February 28, 1982 in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.Family consisted of a future super model mother and two sisters (one of which - disabled), they were very poor - in childhood Vodianova wore things from someone else's shoulder.

From the tender age Vodianova started working - helping mom sell on the market. Slightly matured, no longer have time to learn Natasha - accounted for more work, so not so hot girl good grades.

Vodianova enrolled in a teacher training college in his home town, and did not even think about fashion, when suddenly her fate smiled.When Vodianova was 16 years old, it was noticed, a local modelling agency and soon Natalie has gone to Moscow to audition the French agency Viva.

Surprisingly, nearly immediately after casting Vodianova already flown to Paris where he started off her career.But in Paris, at first things were going too smoothly - had to withstand a huge competition in the modelling business, pay for an apartment was difficult, she lived in a tight economy.

But poverty was no stranger to Natalia, and eventually the fashionable and well-known photographers have begun to allocate it up.And soon, the best model catwalks of the world and most popular designers wanted to work with Vodianova.

Natalia was a person Calvin Klein and many more brands, has worked with Ives Saint-Laurent, Gucci, Diane Von Furstenberg and others.September 1, 2002 in St. Petersburg Natalia married an English lord and an artist Justin PortmanThe couple had three children: eldest son, Lucas, daughter Neva and youngest son, Victor (born September 2007).

In September 2002, Vodianova was the most popular models of the New York Fashion Week - she appeared in shows nineteen designers!.In 2005, the supermodel and her husband established a charitable non-profit foundation "Naked Heart". The organization is building a children's play facilities throughout Russia.
In early 2008, just 26 years old, Vodianova has announced his departure from the fashion business - she intends to devote himself to charity and his beloved family, but no plans to refuse to participate in various advertising campaigns.The emergence of Natalia Vodianova at fashion show Haute Couture Valentino was the latest in her career mannequins.
However, 2008 showed that the business model away from finally Natalia's still not going to, for example, beauty has become the face of French lingerie company Etam.

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