Sunday, July 10, 2011

Diet for Hair

The girls who care about the beauty of hair in the bathroom you can find a lot of money - masks, balms, serums and more. But it turns out, to give only the appearance of hair care is not enough. To shag pleasing to the eye, it is necessary to ensure supply of essential substances in optimal quantities. Therefore, we must conduct an audit of the kitchen if there is food needed for the thickness and shine.

For gorgeous hair, need not only shampoos and paints, and a balanced diet consisting of healthy natural products. Probably, many noticed that on a rigid diet is not only responds to the body but the hair, they become drier, start to break and fall out. Therefore it is necessary to avoid different diets and fasting express if they are not prescribed by a doctor.
What substances are needed hair? This, above all, the protein in sufficient quantities, so in the refrigerator should be cottage cheese, eggs, quail are particularly good, the fish, as well as lean meat. For those who prefer vegetarian table, you need to take care of the body is sufficient vegetable protein, which is especially a lot of soy products, beans, legumes and nuts.
If we examine under the microscope of human hair, the diet is not enough protein, you'll see that he scored because of the departed from the base of scales. These hairs are easily broken, very confused and do not shine.But the hair to retain flexibility in the diet should be enough fat, but not animal fats, unsaturated fats and mineral contained in fish and vegetable oil.Useful for hair seeds and nuts because they contain fat and valuable minerals, particularly zinc.
It is impossible to achieve the beauty of your hair, if the body lacks vitamins. For example, if there is a deficiency of vitamin A, the hair will break, you may be dry seborrhea. Strengthening of the glands on the sebum and, therefore, oily hair may signal that the body lack of vitamins included in group B. A receipt of vitamin C depends on the quality of nutrition of hair follicles and hair resistance to loss.
The same quality of hair depends on the ways of cooking a meal, you should avoid fried, salty and hot too.Products are best baked without fat or boiled in water or steamed, vegetables and eat more fresh.

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