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tribal henna tattoos special tattoos designs for women

tattoo designs for women with henna tattoo designs, see very beautiful henna tattoo designs for women are. wooow,,,, this is really tattoo ideas for women, with you tattooed on your body can increase the charm of this beautiful you are, you can put on your shoulder or maybe in the back shounder would be great, henna tattoo designs for women are specially designed for women who want to look more feminine, elegant and beautiful

tattoo sex

Sometimes I like tattoos on the opposite sex. Some women just can't pull off tattoos (same with some men), and some women put tattoos in horrendous places (I'm thinking of the tramp-stamp). It really all depends on the woman, and the tattoo. Most of the time though, they're pretty attractive.

tattoo vanessa

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sexy Tattoo Ideas for Women -

he first thing you want to think about is what you want in a tattoo—do you want a specific shape or graphic, or something that is a tattoo artist’s original design? Or maybe you want a word or character, whether in English, another language with Roman characters, or something in Gaelic, Chinese, or Russian, for example. The best advice is just to be creative and have fun with this—it’s all up to you, after all.

Based on what specific image you have in mind, that will be related to where you will want to put it—for example, you wouldn’t want a tattoo of angel wings on your face, would you? On your back, though, that’s a completely different story. One idea that’s really popular right now is to get a ring of flowers or a word or phrase spelled out tattooed around your belly button, waist, wrist, or ankle.

Other locations which are less image-specific which are really hot right now include the upper chest, inner thigh, hand, hip, lower back, upper back, back of neck, shoulder (front or back), and toes and fingers.

Some classic images for women have always been hearts and flowers. With the talent and creativity of today’s tattoo artists (and yourselves!), though, almost anything is possible. Particularly interesting when designing or selecting the perfect tattoo for you is the wide variety of colors from which you can choose. There’s also different kinds of ink out there from which you can choose, depending on what you’re looking for.

One thing that’s really great about tattoos is how much freedom you have when you make your selection(s). Since tattoos can be about expressing yourself to the world, if you can dream it, a talented tattoo artist can make it yours.

The most important thing about the decision process, however, is that you have fun with it. Knowing what you want is part of what makes you unique, but you don’t have to go it alone—hence why there aretattoo ideas for women available here!

For more sexy tattoo ideas and designs, please visit: Tattoo Ideas!

best Cute Tattoo Designs for Women

The whole field of tattoos for women is growing at a tremendous rate. If you think back even 20 years ago tattoos for women were not all that popular and most of the women getting them were keeping them covered up. However times have definitely changed and tattoo designs have really advanced at a tremendous rate. Today's tattoo have more brilliant colors and are a far cry from your grandfathers Hawaiian girl tattoo on his forearm.

It used to be that women would get an occasional rose or name tattoos on their breast or some well hidden spot. However with current fashion trends there are tons of cute tattoo designs for women out there are women are now getting tattoos at an amazing rate.

Women's tattoo designs and placement have also changed with this new growth. No longer are women getting simple tattoos that they keep well hidden. Women are now getting cute tattoo designs done and placing them in more visible places.

Some of the most popular items to get tattoos of are:

1. Shooting Star Tattoos

2. Butterfly Tattoos

3. Unicorn Tattoos

4. Angel Tattoos

5. Fairy Tattoos

6. Dragonfly tattoos

7. Flower design tattoos

The most popular places for women to get tattoos done are:

1. lower back tattoo (especially popular recently with the whole hip hugger jeans)

2. ankle tattoos

3. front side of the hips (again hip hugger jeans have made this more popular)

4. butt cheek left or right

5. Belly button area

Another thing that this trend of women getting tattoos is that women often seek out custom tattoo designs. They don't go to the local parlor and just by a tattoo flash design that is on display there. Women seem to spend a great deal more time contemplating the tattoos that they want done and tend to have more requirements about what they want. Therefore women tend to get custom tattoo designs. This allows them to get the exact look and feel they want and a custom designed tattoo is also fit to the location on the persons body so that it fits well.

Chris is an avid tattoo enthusiast, as well as an observer and writer of the tattoo scene. He has run numerous tattoo related website business in the past. However, now he provides great tattoo information in the form of articles and web pages for everyone to enjoy free. Check out this page for more on tattoo sleeve designs, or here for awesome Free Star Tattoo Designs.

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rihanna-back shoulder tattoos

girl dragon tattoo

best sexy women wrist tattoos

A sexy wrist tattoo, especially inner wrist, is one of the most popular tattoo trends right now for women. Simply because it is just a cute little tattoo on the inner wrist that most of the time like a piece of jewelry will enhance your outer look. As you're here, I'm going to give you a couple bits of advice that I've learned from my good friend, a tattooist, Mark, about wrist tattoos for girls. The key to getting a great tattoo that fits your body is being creative, also follow your heart and don't let anybody's opinion affect your decision.

1. Star tattoos

As you may know, all the star tattoo designs are really popular not only for women but also for men. However, as for the wrist tattoos, a star design would fit your feminine style perfectly as for its size and definition. A star tattoo can represent a hope, striving to achieve your goal to a shinning, bright side of your life. A shooting star tattoos can symbolize a special moment or event that change your life while a nautical star tattoos represent protection and guidance. Moon star tattoos also a good choice for the sexiness designs.

2. Script tattoos

Script tattoos can be a famous saying or quote from a poem, song, or movie that you really like to remember. Some examples are like: love, hate, dreams are dreams... To make it a little more mystical, you can always get them writing in some foreign languages such as Arabic, Latin, Japanese, or Sanskrit

3. Flower tattoos

There are so many different kinds of flower tattoos and each of them has different symbolism. It's all up to your taste on what kind of flower tattoo design to choose. I personally like the hibiscus flower tattoos or also known as the Hawaiian flower tattoos for its sexy look. Hawaiian flower often symbolize short life so it somewhat saying enjoy the moment while it last, life is short. Red rose represent love, sunflower is strength, forget-me-not is hope and memories, cherry blossom is just cute.

4. Kissing lips

Bring the sexy back with a pair of pink/red lips. I have to say this design is really popular these days, often very common. Lips are often viewed as a symbol of sensuality and sexuality. Though lips are used in many different ways, when thinking out lips, we tend to think about intimacy and sex.

5. Bracelet tattoo

Many women choose a bracelet tattoo due its sexy looking. Wrapping around the w

rist, this tattoo design is attractive and standout easily. You can also be a little more creative by combine this with the Celtic knot band or barbed wired for more interesting tattoo designs.

There's a time when you have to decide which tattoo is going to stay wit

h you and I hope these couple tips here can help you out.

sexy greek women tattoos

lower back

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

tattoo exstrem

Taking the notion of limited edition to the extreme, Swedish magazine Tare Lugnt have released their third issue as a tattoo. You can see the magazine being “published” below.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

tattoo galeri

Chris Garver tattooed this tiger. Ten points if you know whose tiger it is…. tigertattoo

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tattoo tokyo show 2009

At £20 for a day ticket it wasn't cheap and the stage show left a lot to be desired but a good selection of tattoo artists, including international tattooists, displaying a variety of styles made for an entertaining day.

Several competition categories, including best tattoo completed on the day for both Saturday and Sunday, added an incentive to the work being carried out. Add to this plenty of colourful characters and good quality work on show made this worth going to.

tattoo slash


Band: Guns N Roses/Velvet Revolver.

You are about as rock n roll as you can get and are known for your jaw-dropping solos and not giving a fuck. You know how to drink, and can blow people away with your stylish licks!

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

tattoo 2009

Tattoo Design">

punk rock tattoos anyone

Punk Rock Tattoos anyone?

If you are a fan of bands like Aiden, 18 Visions, Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Lost Prophets (puke), Soulfly, Caliban, The Used, Papa Roach and Walls of Jericho , you may want to check out Sam Scott Hunters' tattoo feature on his photography site today and see where all the worlds' ink is ending up in the underground...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What acclimated to be a mark of apostasy and affray is now advised a appearance accessory. While best tattoos are still activated to men (and bought by men), girls and women are additionally accepting into the act. There are alike beautiful babe tattoos.

Where men like to accept their tattoos on the high arm, or chest, or shoulder, best girls are acquainted that what they’re accomplishing has to assignment with the somewhat added absolute fashions. Thus, a babe needs to anticipate about whether or not a boom will attending acceptable with a bikini, or a brawl dress, or an black gown. Likewise, girls tend to be a bit added accurate about authoritative abiding that a boom is concealable with able or accidental attire.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Foot Tattoos: Hibiscus and Turtle Tattoo

Foot tattoo of a beautiful hibiscus flower and Hawaiian honu turtle. The turtle is colored heavily in black ink creating a great tribal look while the hibiscus is tattooed and shaded with a pink tone that brings good contrast to the overall design. Nice tat!
Foot Tattoos: Hibiscus and Turtle Tattoo
"Foot Tattoos: Hibiscus and Turtle Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by Las Vegas Tattoos by Jon Poulson.
Honu with Hybiscus flower tattoo by Jon Poulson

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Tribal Butterflies

Cute tribal butterflies & a small tribal dragonfly tattoo.
Tribal Butterflies
"Tribal Butterflies" Tattoo originally uploaded by Diogo Araujo.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tattoo Sleeves

Awesome tattoo sleeves high quality work, very detailed design overall.
Tattoo Sleeves
"Tattoo Sleeves" Tattoo, originally uploaded by skeletonandkey.
The one on the left side (my right arm) is Christy Brooker at Artcore Studios in Seattle, Washington. Christy completed this sleeve at the beginning of December 2008, almost exactly one year since she had started. As you can tell in this photo, it all looks very new and I still have some Burt's Bees Hand Salve on it.

The one on the right side (my left arm) is Victor Policheri from when he was working at Apocalypse Tattoo in Seattle, Washington. We started it in, I want to say the end of 2004 or maybe early 2005, and completed it 2 years later.

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Vampire Bite Tattoo

Vampire Bite Tattoo
"Vampire Bite Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by Las Vegas Tattoos by Jon Poulson.
Vampire Bite Tattoo by Jon Poulson

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Tiger Lily Tattoo

Flower tattoos for the most part are commonly preferred mostly by women, they are one of the most popular designs among tattoos. There are a wide array of flower designs to choose from ranging from the common rose tattoos, the hibiscus flower a Hawaiian traditional design and many others including the "lily flowers". A tiger lily flower tattoo as the one pictured below can be a great design to choose for a flower tattoo. It is a flower that can be loved purely for its beauty and attractiveness. It has gorgeous flower petals with a beautiful assortment of exotic colors, many people particularly women simply can't stop admiring its charm and appealingness.
What does a lily symbolize?

Some meanings that represent the the lily flower include purity, majesty, innocence, wealth and pride.Those that reflect the meaning of the tiger lily flower could be pride or prosperity and the words "I dare you to love me" can also be attached to the meaning of the tiger lily.
Tiger lily tattoo
"Tiger Lily Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by loki13.
This is my submission for Project 365: Week Thirteen - Yellow.

I got this tattoo on my upper arm and shoulder in spring 2005. It depicts a tiger lily flanked by two roses with faces inside. The design is loosely inspired by the living garden scene in Through the Looking Glass.

Custom tattoo by Dave Knight at PSC Tattoo in Montreal.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sailor Jerry Dragon Tattoo

Here is a "Sailor Jerry" old school design featuring a small dragon tattoo.
Sailor Jerry Dragon Tattoo
"Sailor Jerry Dragon Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by Tattoo Tom.
Here is a closeup of the Sailor Jerry Flash design of a dragon on my shoulder.

Tattoo by Terri Morgan, Socal Tattoo, San Pedro, California. Tattoo was just done on 01/24/07.

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Lotus Flowers & Butterfly Tattoo

Back tattoo design of purple lotus flowers and butterfly tattoo.
Lotus & Butterfly Tattoo
"Lotus Flowers & Butterfly Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by red bunny.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Harley Davidson Logo Tattoo

For the bikers and motorcycle fans out there. Harley Davidson tattoos provide a great way to show your passion for motorcycles. It has always been a favorite tattoo design among bikers and motorcycle enthusiast. In this picture it shows a forearm tattoo of the very popular Harley Davidson Logo. Designs of the "Harley Tattoos" are sometimes implemented with the American eagle a symbolic symbol for freedom.
Harley Davidson Logo Tattoo
"Harley Davidson Logo Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by Jim Skea.
Hoje de madrugada, na prorrogação depois do mitápi no Rio.

Afonso, com fundo preto
In the wee hours of this morning, after the Rio fotologger meetup.

Afonso On Black

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Tribal Sun Tattoo

Great design of a Tribal Sun Tattoo done on the arms.
Tribal Sun Tattoo;
"Tribal Sun Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by Kitenutuk.
my second tattoo designed by a freind for me to symbolise the birth of my son

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