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Meaning of Animal Tattoo Symbols

Arti Simbol Tattoo HewanIn a world dominated animal tattoo designs and tattoo symbols. Tattoo designs of animals and animal symbols have tremendous power and is intended to transform into an individual so they took some aspects of animal tattoos on them.
Animals including one of God's creation. When people opt out of the natural order and put themselves above all other species. However, still believe that the communication from animals to humans still exist in the form of psychic telepathy and through spirit.
In some traditional cultures still have the belief that animal spirits can enter at birth and serves as a guide that person's life. A spirit guide may appear at critical moments.

Nature has provided hundreds of animals and each animal carrying certain traits. And in the world of tattoo symbols animals most widely used and each has its own meaning, and not infrequently to choose a symbol that is suitable for you would be an important consideration before you mentattoo yourself with a picture / symbol animals.

Here are some examples of animal tattoo symbol means:

Eagle tattoo symbol meaningCruel and magnificent, with a terrible scream and claw eagle became a strong favorite in the original design of American tribe. The spirit of the eagle is one of truth, consciousness, and perceptiveness.

Owl tattoo symbol meaning 

The owl is a favorite of both young and old. Owls are the spirit of the vision, wisdom and insights.

Meaning of tattoo symbols crow 

Crow symbolizes the journey of the unknown direction and purpose. Crow is a central figure in the creation myth.

Meaning of butterfly tattoo symbols 
A wonderful way to capture the incredible power of personal change. Energy butterfly is associated with balance, transformation and grace.

Meaning of tattoo symbols bear
 Bear is a major testimony of strength, and wisdom of self preservation.

Wolf tattoo symbol meaning 
The wolf appears frequently in tattoo designs because the magnetic attraction for humanity, the wolf is the teaching skills, loyalty and cooperation.

Meaning of tattoo symbols coyotes 
Often referred to as the "Trickster", mischievous creature serves as a spirit (in the sense of a good joke) funny. Coyote spoke about the reversal of luck (for better or worse), cunning and humor.

Fox tattoo symbol meaning 
Fox has been called a lot of animal metaphors and similes. Not surprisingly, the message is one of the fox intelligence, wisdom, and cunning.

Dog tattoo symbol meaning 
Companion (man's best friend), the dog has bonded with humans. By their very nature, the spirit of a dog is one of loyalty and friendship.

Cougar tattoo symbol meaning 
Cougar talk about leadership, loyalty & courage.

Tattoo symbol meaning deer 
Quiet, peaceful, beautiful and graceful. The spirit of the deer is one of peace, sensitivity and tenderness.

Horse tattoo symbol meaning 
Free spirit of great strength and power that chose to align ourselves with humanity. Tattoo horse talking about freedom, strength and movement and spoke of power and social rank.

Turtle tattoo meaning of symbols 
Being able to avoid the world with the convenience of its shell, there are many people who identify well with water creatures. The spirit of the turtle is one of protection, healing and inner knowledge.

Frog tattoo symbol meaning 
Able to cover great distances in every leap. Frogs have long been respected for the power of healing, as an indication of peaceful change and adaptation as a witness.

Meaning of symbol dolphin tattoo 
A sea mammals, dolphins have long been fascinated with human intelligence and social nature. Is a sign of harmony, communication and intelligence.

Meaning of tattoo symbols Salmon 
Always fighting against the current, the salmon has long been a symbol of determination. The same holds true nature totem animal, which tells about perseverance and single minded dedication.

Meaning of tattoo symbols crane 
North American native tradition of holding a blue heron as a messenger who teaches about self-determination and independence. Skinny leg reminds us that the feet are not necessary for the stability of athletics, but it stands on its own 'is the key. Iroquois Nation as a sign of a blue heron treated very well.

Tattoo symbol meaning crocodile 

Crocodile is a powerful symbol of stealth, patience, and 'hidden dangers'. Prominent, the eyes drawn like binoculars, resting above the water surface, while the majority of reptiles are still visible under water.

Meaning of symbol tattoo beaver 
Native Americans have long admired the beaver as a strong protector of the family. Otters are also a powerful symbol of female medical and female energy.

Tattoo symbol meaning whale
 Native American culture has emphasized the importance of relations with the 'Great Spirit'. All forms of life - from whales to be called rocks, plants, planets, and the elements - is believed to be filled with energy.

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