Saturday, June 25, 2011

How to dress a girl with small breasts

If you have a small breast! Do not be sad, there are lots of ways to fix it. And do not stuff my bra with cotton! Bust of a small size - it's feminine and sexy. Many icons of style could not boast of magnificent forms: Audrey Hepburn, Jane Birkin, Kate Moss - that's with whom wa m is necessary to take an example! In addition, it is all about the right choice of clothes. To help - our advice.

Magic bra:
Bra "push-up" with soft tabs - the best friend a girl with small breastsThis model lifts the breast and gives it volume. Looks perfect under cotton T-shirt, shirt, jacket, sweatshirt or pullover with V-neckline.
Balconette bra, will give even the most miniature form of the breastThe maximum open-topped and equipped with cushions, inserts, it is combined with a round neckline.

Hide chest:
Although the cover and increase the size - almost the opposite concept, here are some tricks that will help to divert attention from a small chest.
A simple black turtleneck - an indispensable thing in the cold season. Pay attention to the material: skinny models look like a second skin, wool - a bit rude. Turtleneck plus skirt - very romantic dress.
Dress "pipe" like a little black dress - it is indispensable.Feminine model of dense tissue and cut into the spirit of the 50s suit every figure. "Pipe" slim, with small breasts that only benefit. Choose a knee-length dress: it is better to wear with pumps, heels and open toes.

Emphasize chest:
High-waisted dress will draw attention to the upper part of the bust and give it volume. Your choice - a model with thin straps. Wide hem creates an impression of lightness and helps to hide large thighs.
Business suit - a classic, with a skirtExquisite dress for work: short fitted jacket and pencil skirt, plus a shirt, white or blue stripes. Simple and tasteful!
Bustier - it could be like a dress or top. The main thing is that such a cut opens up the shoulders, neck and upper chest, so the bra breast can not be overlooked. Even if you wear a top with a simple jeans and a sweater to throw on top, the effect is guaranteed.

Sexual options:
Be bold - to entice possible without the magnificent forms!
Cashmere sweater - soft, warm, gently flowing from his shoulders. The main thing is that under him there was nothing, if you're dressed in a hurry. Choose a slightly large model of pastel shades. Gather hair in a tousled bundle and add the image of big earrings, rings.
The deep V-shaped neckline accentuate the chest at any time of year. In winter it is, again, the sweater without a bra in combination with jeans. In the summer wearing a T-shirt with cut smaller, and under it - a bra, "push-up."
White blouse - another useful element of the wardrobe. Do you have big hips? Choose a long model of a light, fluid fabric. A small increase? Will help large-shirt shirt: unbutton the top buttons and wear with jeans and a rough high-heeled shoes.
Vest - a winning option to create an androgynous image. Low and lean, wear it with a t-shirt and tight pants. If you have a large build, combine vest with wide trousers and shirt.

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